Digital Dashboard Conversion Guide - Kit Car - 62 pages
Digital Dashboard Conversion Guide - Kit Car - 62 pages

Digital Dashboard Conversion Guide - Kit Car - 62 pages

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Building your digital dashboard - Volume 1
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Building your digital dashboard - Volume 1

Manual explains how to build a complete digital dashboard, step by step. Contains 8 circuit diagrams - 5 digital meters indicating voltage, oil pressure, coolant temperature, speed and engine RPM, plus 3 LED bar graph electronic meters indicating speed, engine RPM and fuel level. Also includes parts lists, general guidelines and a lot of tips, ranging from the making of printed circuit boards to our special method for creating illuminated inscriptions. Put all information together and you will create a truly unique electronic dashboard.

Oil pressure and fuel level meters are based on GM sensors but can be adapted to other makes. Speedometer, tachometer, voltmeter and water temperature circuits presented are not model specific and are compatible with any make or model.

Ideal for a kit car builder looking for unique alternatives for its custom interior. If your donor car is a Pontiac Fiero, Firebird or Chevrolet Camaro, this is your lucky day as all circuits will work with your existing sending units.

This manual was originally published in 1989. Hundreds of successful conversions have been done based on this manual. Also received numerous thank you notes from college students who used parts of the manual for their school project.

Printed circuit board patterns are reproduced in the manual.

Minimum knowledge of electronics is required to assemble the boards or you can learn along.

62 pages
approx. 5" x 8"
clear schematics
published in 1989

ISBN 978-0-9782731-0-1

Picture shows an example of a digital dashboard conversion based on the manual.

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