Knight Rider Plans - Schematics and Guide - 95 pages
Knight Rider Plans - Schematics and Guide - 95 pages

Knight Rider Plans - Schematics and Guide - 95 pages

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The Knight Project - Building your digital dashboard - Volume 3
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Here is your chance to get a peek into KITT's schematics. This manual was originally published in the early 90's from one of the first suppliers of KITT and KARR replicas.

You will find detailed schematics of:
- scanning lights controller
- high power interface
- 4-step sequencer
- bar graph fuel level meter
- bar graph oil pressure meter
- bar graph voltmeter
- digital odometer
- voice modulator display (voicebox)
- digital and bar graph speedometer
- digital and bar graph tachometer
- bar graph water temperature meter
- dummy LED displays

The following subjects are also briefly discussed in the manual:
- adding sounds
- strobe lights
- accelerometer (G-force meter)
- voice kits
- bar graph odometer

From the Electronics Engineer who helped hundreds of Knight Rider fans to turn their conversion project dream into reality.

The manual is divided into 4 sections, each covering a different stage of the conversion. Every circuit has been designed, assembled and tested by the author. Pictures of the exact speedometer and tachometer display boards covered by the manual can be seen at

Despite having been originally published over 20 years ago, the information contained in the manual is still highly valuable today and constitute the basis for current production offered at Jupiter Electronics.

Each circuit is described in details, including operation theory with emphasis on the practical side, helping you in the best and easiest way to achieve a rewarding project - from getting the parts to final installation.

Covers the electronics only, not the plastic or fiberglass components fabrication.

Printed circuit board patterns are reproduced in the manual.

Minimum knowledge of electronics is required to assemble the boards. A useful reference if you already own a replica.

Unused copy, directly from the author.

Please review the description carefully before buying. Does not cover the redesigned electronics featured on .

Complete title is Building your digital dashboard - Vol.3: The Knight Project

Knight Rider is also known as K2000, El Auto Fantastico, Supercar or Knightrider in some countries.

95 pages
8" x 10"
spiral bound for convenience
clear schematics
color pictures
published in 1993
numbered copy for version and revision control

ISBN 978-0-9782731-2-5

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