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Knight Rider Switchpod Displays - AUTHENTIC 3-LED version - Season 1-2

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One pair of screen accurate 3-LED switchpod displays for your nice KITT or evil KARR replica. 

Unique assembly of over 220 individual parts, many of which are custom made. 

Colorful, framed version: each button has a thin built-in black frame matching the look of the original Knight Industries Two Thousand (K.I.T.T.) car.

Laser engraved text.

Green and yellow LEDs all light up when power is applied to the unit.

Red LED comes ON when the corresponding button is pressed. See demo video at the end of description.

Also includes a machine cut cover piece, as shown.

For original season 1 or season 2 cars.

Functional, momentary push buttons which can be used with our standalone tone generator board to have tone sounds when pressed. Tone generator not included.

Overall size of each assembly is 4 x 2 inches or 102 x 50 mm (printed circuit board size).

Cover is cut to 4.5 x 2.3 inches or 115 x 60 mm.

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