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Part Number:COZ03
12 Volts Charge Meter - Bar Graph Voltmeter for your boat, camper or other recreational vehicle (RV).

This meter will tell you the remaining charge of your 12V battery at the press of the TEST button.

NEW: Single meter monitors up to three independent batteries. Automatic meter configuration from 1 to 3 voltage inputs.

NEW: 3 independent visual alarms, user programmable.

Automatically shuts off after a short delay to save power.

Works with standard car batteries and deep cycle batteries.

Indicates battery voltage from 10.5V (0% - no charge) to 12.7V (100% - full charge).

Fully protected against voltage surges, spikes and reverse polarity.

4-position terminal block requires only 2 wires to monitor a single battery.

Uses 3 or 4 wires to monitor 2 or 3 batteries, common ground.

Front plate size is 60 mm x 60 mm (2.36 in x 2.36 in)

Installation instructions and typical configuration diagrams provided with each unit.

Available in all red, all blue or 3-color bar graph, with a black or a white faceplate, in two scale types (detailed or simplified).

Brushed aluminum look also available.

This listing is for the all BLUE LED bar graph with a BLACK faceplate, detailed scale, as shown in the first picture.

Sample video below shows the same circuit in a different color combination.

Check our other listings for other configurations.

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