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Knight Rider KITT electronics - S2 with countdown

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Part Number:K200C1
Electronics package for a 2-TV dash. 

Updated main boards. Authentic LEDs, screen accurate layout.


- K200 electronics set, with static message center
- overlays 
- S2 voicebox cover
- countdown lamps assembly for top of dash

Our K200 set includes the following functional meters:

- K245 Speedometer display, with fuel level meter and LED backlit message center reproduction
- K246 Tachometer display, with bar graph oil pressure, water temperature and two more bar graph meters
- K249 Telltale board, with bar graph voltmeter 
- K251 and K252 dummy displays, 72 LEDs 
- K263 Voicebox, with tone generator and 4-step sequencer

NOTE: allow 4 weeks for processing of your order.

If you need more information on what is included or not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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