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Star Trek Dolphin Nemesis handheld phaser LED light board - fits Playmates model no.6151 and others

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Part Number:M951G

Microcontroller-based 8-LED sequencer for Star Trek Phaser guns.

Fits most Dolphin-shaped handheld phasers. Specifically fits Playmates toy phaser model number 6151.

Functional push buttons: press left-side button to light up more LEDs, press right-side button for less LEDs. Third button on the bottom is for Fire, this lights up a red LED. 

Power level does not actually increase or decrease at the press of push buttons, red LED intensity remains the same. 
Operation is similar to the power indicator seen on some of Star Trek Phaser Rifles and Type 2 Phasers (2364, 2366 and 2371).

Operates from a 9V battery (not included).

Compact board, 1.75 x 1.5 inch or 45 x 38 mm.

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